Your amazing body knows what it needs

and tells you in many ways.

I help you unlock its messages

so you can heal and thrive.

Dr. Heidi Iratcabal, ND, IFMCP

“Healing is just a step.
Thriving is the destination.”

No matter how long you’ve been searching or how confounding your health challenge, you can find and remove the blocks to your healing. With deep experience in some of the most effective medical modalities — including Naturopathy and Integrative and Functional Medicine — I can help you uncover the root of your symptoms, see hidden connections, and learn to hear and support your body. Your health and your life can flourish, naturally.

What is thriving?

That's up to you to decide.

But here's a hint: it usually doesn't look like a big house, big car, big bank account. For me, thriving is when your body and brain are up for whatever your heart wants to do in life.

Are you getting older and unsure how to live life to the fullest?

Are you not finding answers with traditional medicine?

Are you faced with a condition you think you need to just live with?

Have you tried everything to support your body — but it's still struggling?

Uncover the origin. Recalibrate for healing.

Here are some of the many areas that benefit from my personalized integrative approach.


Brain Body Connection - Image of lit up neuron connecting to another

Brain-Body Connection

You have a good head on your shoulders, right? In some ways, mainstream medicine hasn’t noticed this. For years, treatments have been from the neck down, ignoring the intimate feedback loop between brain and body, even mind and body. Meanwhile, scientific research has been growing our toolkit of techniques for seeing this interconnection and intervening to break chronic patterns and develop healthy new ones. If you have an issue such as brain fog, a sleep disorder, mood swings, trouble with gastrointestinal motility, or many surprising others, there is absolutely a brain component — giving us a powerful key to reboot your wellness from the inside out.

Outside-in, Inside-out

Did you know that the body has a 10-year window? What I mean is that major conditions like cardiovascular disease or cancer are usually simmering for a full decade before they cause blatant symptoms. One of the foundations of my approach is that what happens on the outside and what happens on the inside are two sides of the same process. There’s no wall there! The good news is that the body is always giving signs of dis-ease before it becomes full blown disease — and these signs can reliably guide us toward early testing and treatment. From lines on your nails to the feel of your hair, from the look of your tongue, to your pore size, your gait and even your nostrils, your body has an amazing language we can read to discover and address what’s going on.

Outside in - Inside Out - image of rash on face indicating that body has language to reveal what's going on inside
Dr. Heidi Iratcabal takes a multi-disiplanary appraoch - image of network of colored dots

Multi-disciplinary Perspective

If a plant in your garden were wilting, you could pour more water on it and hope. Or you could check the siting, look for pests, test the soil, and consult research and wisdom traditions. I take a similarly layered approach in my practice. From my foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine I draw on wisdom for listening to the body and reading its signs. From my Naturopathic background, I bring nature’s perspective and an umbrella of natural techniques — from homeopathy to herbology to energetic medicine. Next, functional medicine layers in scientific testing and evidence-based research, and helps me look for what you’re getting too much or not enough of. Finally, functional neurology ties it all together from micro to macro and mind to body. Each approach combines to make a more powerful healing system than either could alone, building your health holistically.

Start at the beginning

I look at clients through a synergistic lens — including their health, sense of well-being, resiliency, and capabilities — to get a good picture of where they need to start on their healing journey. Together, we’ll figure out where you are and how you got there. And we’ll find the sweet spot for intervention — that exactly-right-place where fixing one issue allows problems further downstream resolve all on their own.

Start at the beginning - Dr. Heidi helps clients find the root cause symptoms for their current health challenges

Say “hi” to a healthy life beyond healing!

How I Can Help

In-Depth Evaluation

Dr. Heidi combines detailed questionnaires and in-depth conversation to understand your physical and emotional health history. Your unique findings guide her approach every step of the way as she chooses the very best natural modalities to restore your health and well-being. The approach is personal — because no two people, bodies, or lives are the same.

Online Courses

Dr. Heidi’s on-demand courses share insight on the body-brain connection and how to hear and understand the body’s amazing language. You’ll be empowered to personalize your health, grow stronger than ever, and move forward in your life.

Coming soon!

Educational Resources

Dr. Heidi combs the research and immerses herself in natural healing modalities to bring you new tools to understand your amazing body. You don’t have to be a current patient to benefit from her deep dives! Dr. Heidi delves into purposeful topics like the brain, stress, exercise, laughter, and sugar, and offers you intriguing research-based resources for healthier living.



Dig in with Dr. Heidi on 5 key areas of your health

Pull up a chair as Dr. Heidi guides you through five days of detailed self-assessments. Covering body, brain and mind — these vital systems are critical to your health and longevity. Sign up, commit to exploration and change, and expect results!

5 Day Reboot: Day 1, Mindset
5 Day Reboot: Day 2, What is my gut saying?
5 Day Reboot: Day 3, How is my detox?
5 Day Reboot: Day 4, Adrenals and what fuels them
5 Day Reboot: Day 5, Is my brain working?

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